Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Can't Is Not An Option

In my household, our daughter knows that the words "can't" or "cannot" are not options for use.  Now, we are teaching our younger son the same concept. It dawned on me that my wife and I are in such the habit of correcting it, that we do not realize when we do it.  This is actually a good thing!

This morning while on the way to dropping the kids off at school, I told my son that he should to learn how to whistle, so we all can whistle together.  His next statement was, "I can't."  Immediately, I found myself correcting him.  I am a stickler about this subject because many people will quickly say that they "cannot".  Unless there is some sort of disability affecting that person, most people can do just about anything if they put forth the effort.  It may take them a little longer to learn due to the individual, but they can get there.

So, adults, I encourage you as well to stop saying that you cannot do certain things.  Instead change your statement to "I do not know how" to do _________.  By saying this, you give yourself room to learn and and grow.

Be Blessed.

Antoine E. Hall

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