Thursday, March 3, 2011

Waving Through Life

Have you every noticed how life just seems to ebb and flow?  You know, a series of ups and downs or highs and lows.  It just seems to be the way life works *shrug*.  By now, you know that when goin through life you can have high points and low points.  I do not know anyone who has stayed and either a high or low point for all their life.  At some point, life fluctuates and we have to adjust accordingly.

Those fluctuations can be considered waves.  The describes a wave as,
A disturbance traveling through a medium by which energy is transferred from one particle of the medium to another without causing any permanent displacement of the medium itself.
This is a Physics definition, but I think we still can apply this to our lives.  The disturbance can be us and the medium can be life.  We move through life and as such, we cause things around us to move and shift.  They do not cause permanent damage to the life through which we are traveling, but it temporarily changes things around us.   Because the environment around us have an impact on us as well, we have series of ups and down as we go.

Many things can be modeled or described by waves and our life is no different.  The peaks or the high points can be the highs in our life.  Those are the times when things are going well.  The valleys (or troughs) are those low points in life.  Those can be trials, tests, training, etc. that prepare us for the accent back to the top of the wave.

A good example of this is when the Pharaoh of Egypt kept having these dreams and had Joseph removed from jail to explain to him the meaning. In Genesis 41:25-27, Joseph tells Pharaoh the meaning of his dreams (You should read all of Genesis 41 in your spare time).
(25) Then Joseph said to Pharaoh, “The dreams of Pharaoh are one and the same. God has revealed to Pharaoh what he is about to do. (26) The seven good cows are seven years, and the seven good heads of grain are seven years; it is one and the same dream. (27) The seven lean, ugly cows that came up afterward are seven years, and so are the seven worthless heads of grain scorched by the east wind: They are seven years of famine.
In his explanation we see that there will be seven good years in the land of Egypt, marked by seven bad years.    God was essentially telling them that there will be a peak followed by a trough and this is no different in how we move through life.

When we measure sound, waves (water), heart beats, etc.on a monitor, you see the up and down motion.  The moment the wave becomes a straight line, there is no sound, the water does not move, and a living person dies (no heart beat).  In life, it is natural for us to experience the things that we do, but the moment the ebbing and flowing cease to exist, so do we.
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