Friday, August 27, 2010

Keep Your Filters Clean

Hey Hey! Happy Friday to you all!

Today, I just wanted to pretend to be your cyber HVAC service guy.  In your home, they tell you to change your filters every 30 days in order to keep the unit functioning properly.  The filter catches all the dirt and debris from passing through your heating/cooling ducts back out into your air, thereby keeping the air clean in the home.  When they become dirty, the performance of your unit goes down and some dirt is even allowed to go through, simply because the filter is starting to fail.

Have you ever changed one of those things?  To look at one can be hideous because you start to think you are living dirty, but the reality is that there is micro dirt and lint in the air that we do not see.  It is just that by the time you change the filter, it has attracted millions of particles, allowing you to see it in the form of dirt.

Like the filter in your HVAC, you and I have an internal filter.  We can see some things and hear some things that does not need to penetrate our minds because like the vents in our homes, we want our spiritual walk to remain clean.  You do not even realize it, but the things you see on TV are like the millions of particles that we don't see that try to penetrate our filter.  For example, you can start watching some show that seemed harmless at first, the longer you watched it, the more they start to slip a curse word in here and a sex scene in there.  Pretty soon, you're watching a bunch of potty mouths acting in a bunch of provocative scenes where you could have to cover your children's eyes and ears! 

By the time you reach this point, your internal filter is dirty and need to be changed.  You keep your internal filter clean by staying in the Word of God and the continual thirst for the gain of knowledge in Him.  Ask the Holy Spirit for discernment and He will keep you clean regularly.  The more we know, the more we learn what is fitting and acceptable in the eyes of God.  Whatever is grotesque to Him should give us the same feelings as well and you cannot do this unless you are continually learning more about our Lord.

Be diligent and always on guard.  In a time where dirt seems to be free and in abundance, it is going to take work along with time, effort (and maybe money), to keep clean.

Be easy folks and have a great weekend.


Antoine E. Hall


"It is God who arms me with strength and makes my way perfect." - 2 Samuel 22:33
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