Tuesday, August 3, 2010

IF YOU DON'T HUSH.......(Replay)

This is a replay of a WFTD (Word For the Day) that I did on May 4, 2005.  I am still amazed to see how we have all grown through the Word of God.  In addition, I love the fact that no matter how long ago the Word was taught it can still be relevant today.  I hope that this helps someone today just as it might have done over 5 years ago!

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May 4, 2005

Good morning folks.

I hope that everyone is have just a splendiforous (yeah, I know it's not a word *LOL*) morning!  You know last night at bible study, the minister touched on a subject that pretty much convicted everyone.  So today, I want to look at the Numbers 21:4-6 this morning.

"4 And they journeyed from mount Hor by the way of the Red sea, to compass the land of Edom: and the soul of the people was much discouraged because of the way.  5 And the people spake against God, and against Moses, Wherefore have ye brought us up out of Egypt to die in the wilderness? for there is no bread, neither is there any water; and our soul loatheth this light bread. 6 And the LORD sent fiery serpents among the people, and they bit the people; and much people of Israel died."

Do any of you remember being a child.  Now through out the year leading up to Christmas, you may have told your parents what you wanted.  Normally if it is wasn't too outrageous, there may have been a "we'll see" or simply "ok" or "depends on how you act".  I think you get the point.  All the while your parents were ready to go out on a limb to fulfill your wants.  Well as time goes and you seemingly forgot your wishes, you begged for this and begged for that.  You may have even got in the store and acted a complete fool because you didn't get what you wanted at the time......then you got the worst....."IF YOU DON'T HUSH....I'M GOING TO....."   Your "..." could have been a whooping, punishment, etc. but you fill in the blank.

The point is that many times we pray to the Lord our wants.  He already knows what we need & want but he is making preparations for his children (you are a child of God ya know).  Look at the people of Israel.  God promised to deliver them into a land flowing with milk and honey, but they constantly took their eye off the ball.  Look at the passage above.  The Lord had just delivered the Canaanites to the people of Israel and the people go getting discouraged.  Things are taking a little longer than they expect, so they turn against God.  Oh my goodness out of all people, you turn against God.  Questioning him.  Worrying.  For what?  If you aren't careful God will give you something to cry about and he did just that.

Look at verse 6.  The LORD, (not the devil) sent serpents....not just any serpents, but fiery serpents to bite and kill most of the people of Israel.  I can see God saying, "...anybody else want some.....keep crying or I will give you (too) something to cry about".  Sometimes, one bad day.....or one bad event seems to cloud the blessings that God has for us.  Sometimes we aren't doing what we are suppose to do and is asking for more and more and more.  Just sit down, relax, and walk the path that the Lord has made for you.  It may not be what you want, but if HE just gave it to you, you wouldn't appreciate it.  So don't whine, don't cry.  Just do what you are suppose to do and when you are in position, your blessings will flow to you like milk and honey.

Be Blessed Gang.
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