Thursday, June 3, 2010

Vision: From Beginning to End

Greetings folks,

I hope that you are enjoying your short week so far.  I just wanted to share some things that I have learned over the past few days.  Well actually it's more like I heard a sermon on Sunday and I heard a radio broadcast today and they kind of meshed around the topic of vision.

So, vision.  Just what is it? According to the Free Online Dictionary, vision can be defined as "[t]he manner in which one sees or conceives of something".  I would like to talk about vision in the sense of being able to conceive of something that you cannot physically see and what it could, might, or will be.  For example, I have the vision to get my family out of debt.  I can see it in the future, but I can visualize it as though I am debt free right now.  Without a vision, people will perish (see Proverbs 29:18). 

If you have some goals in your life, you will never reach them if you cannot see yourself there.  If you cannot visualize where you want to go, you will never have anything towards which to drive.  Also, if you choose not to have a vision, then do not complain about where you are.  It does you or anyone else any good to complain about a situation if you have no intentions on changing it.  Read Habakkuk 1-2 and you will find that Habakkuk makes two different complaints to the Lord.  Upon the second complaint the Lord told him to envision it, then write it down (see Habakkuk 2:2) so it can be seen.

Something just as important as the vision is the plan to reach the vision.  Having a good idea is nothing but a good idea until you come up with a plan to reach the end-game results.  I have good ideas all the time.  With some of my ideas, I have watched as others implemented them and be prosperous as I had a vision with no plan.  This is what happens when you do not have a way to get there. 

Lastly, you need to be willing to execute the plan.  If you have a vision and come up with a plan, I hope you are willing to execute it.  I have been in so many meetings where someone had a vision and we met to create a plan only to have the end result be to schedule the next meeting.  If you never get started with the execution, your vision is no closer than it was when you first thought about it.   If you can visualize it, plan it.  If you plan it, execute it. 

Has God given you a vision?  Are you sitting on that vision?  If you are, I encourage you to not perish, but to write it down, come up with a plan and get started.

Be Blessed folks and have a good one!


Antoine E. Hall


"It is God who arms me with strength and makes my way perfect." - 2 Samuel 22:33
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