Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Are You Mad About Where You Are?

Hello Everyone,

The subject that I pose was triggered by something I heard Joyce Meyers say last week.  She said (and I am paraphrasing): 

You will never be where God has designed for you to be until you can stop being angry about where you think you should be.

It sounds like a mouth full but then I went "hmmmm.....".  That is good.  You mean to tell me that I have been clouded and jaded with anger because I think my life should be going in a direction planned by me?  When it boils down to it our steps should be ordered by the Lord (see Psalms 37:23).  Yes, I have been frustrated about how life has gone these days but who hasn't?

I think if I were to do a survey a lot of us would probably line up in the same line behind me.  This is a prime example of taking your eyes off of Jesus.  All it takes is a split second of lost focus.  When Peter got out of the boat to walk on water, he was doing fine.  It wasn't until he took his sight off of Jesus that he started to sink (see Matthew 14:25).  We all get distracted sometimes and a lot of the times we are the source of our own distraction. It is the moment where we can take a step back to analysis where we are with God to realize that our ways may not be His ways.

If you haven't had that moment yet, then I encourage you to take it after you read this message.  Do not beat yourself up over what you think, but build yourself up in what God knows and where/what He wants you to be.

Be blessed family!


Antoine E. Hall

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"It is God who arms me with strength and makes my way perfect." - 2 Samuel 22:33
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