Friday, April 16, 2010

Keep It Fresh

Happy Friday!

We made it through another week and today I just want to encourage you to remember to "Keep It Fresh".  What do I mean by this?  Well, try to add some freshness to all that you do in life to break up predictable routines.  We all love routines - at least I know that I do.

I am not here to bash routines because they are good and they have their place, but there is always a bad side when there is too much of one thing.  For example, we are all told to eat a well balanced meal.  The reason is that you do not want too much of one type of food group.  Over time, the neglect of the other food groups and the over indulgence of one starts to have a bad affect on your body.  In this case, it would be a good idea to freshen things up a little know add some variety to your diet.

This holds true with your marriage, friendships, and other relationships.  You should do something different to keep those relationships from going stale and avoid the inevitable boredom. Christ wants this same freshness with us as well and we should be careful to NOT fall into repetitions in our walk with Him.  Mix it up a little bit and add some spontaneity to your prayer to Him about different things rather than the same old things (see Matthew 6:7).  The moment we get stuck in the rut of a routine is the moment we stop growing in the things of God and that is something we never want to do.

Be easy folks and have a blessed weekend!


Antoine E. Hall


"It is God who arms me with strength and makes my way perfect." - 2 Samuel 22:33
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