Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Move With the Quarterback

Hello Everyone,

I hope that you are having a good day.  With football season gone and the NFL Draft being the closest football event, I thought this would be a great time to rekindle some football season memories.  As with any sport, you have team leaders and football is no exception.  In football, the quarterback (QB) is typically the team leader because he directs the offense on the field.

Because of the QB's position, he has the ability to see down the full playing field to see which receivers are open to catch the ball.  If there is no one in which to throw the ball, he can move around (or scramble) until a receiver comes open.  As a receiver, it is your job to work with the QB.  Sometimes the receiver can run the play that was designed, turn around and the ball will land right in his hands.  At other times, the QB has to scramble and the receiver will have to move with him to be in position to make a catch possible.

Now, I want you to look at how God and us work together.  God is like our QB, directing the team, and we (the followers of Christ) are like the receivers.  As long as we listen to God's plan and run our "play", He can deliver whatever He needs for you to have right where planned.  This is the equivalent to the term that "God can meet you just where you are".  At the same time, have you ever found yourself waiting on a word, blessing, etc. from God and it does not seem to be happening.  It could be that you've lost eye contact with the "QB" and He's already scrambling.  If He is scrambling that means YOU have to do some moving to adjust to receive what He has for you.  Where you are at the moment may not be the place where you need to stay.  You may need to move.

In football, the plans change all the time, but the vision is to win the game.  As you all might know, one saying that has stuck with me is that "Plans Change, but the Vision Remains the Same".  In our walk with Christ, we always imagine and plan how we want things to be, but they do not always go according to plan.  Sometimes we may have to get out of our comfort zone or maybe we need to have some things shaken up in our lives.  Our vision is to follow the true King and receive whatever it is He has for us and it may not always be where we thought it would be. Folks, keep building your relationship with God and never stop moving with the eternal Quarterback.

Be blessed!


Antoine E. Hall


"It is God who arms me with strength and makes my way perfect." - 2 Samuel 22:33
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