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No Seeds, No Harvest

Originally Written on Wed Jul 8, 2009

Good morning family. I hope that you all are doing well on this fine Hump Day!
Wheat Seeds

 ...[Edit:  The scripture that I originally used for this post was not used in the correct context.  As such, it has been deleted, but for the readers information, it was Matthew 13:24-30]...

If you don't know (or do know), this year was the first year that we, The Halls, have started gardening. I had been talking about doing it for years and had never done it. This year, we finally got the gears in motion, to get it done. For me, it has become a pet project because the gardening aspect is almost soothing and relaxing in a way. However, this morning as I leaned against the glass door and looked at it, the Holy Spirit spoke something else to me that never crossed my mind. In short. If you never plant a seed, you can never expect a harvest. This pertains to the garden, but it is a lot larger than the garden. It applies to all aspects of our lives.

All Talk, No Action

If you recall, I said I had been talking about gardening for years but that's it. We all can talk a good game and we all have lots of great intentions in our lives, but if all we do is talk then we have done nothing but blown hot air. I hate to say that about myself but if the shoe fits.....As long as we continue to talk about the things we would like to do, or desire, or enjoy it'll be just that...talk only. In order to get going, we must first get started and sometimes [we'll do many forms of self-sabotage to] convince [ourselves] why [we] shouldn't get started.

Planting the Seed

Well if we've gotten past the lip action, we've started to sow seed. We've at least gotten started which is a step past where we were. In life we often have lofty goals, but majority of the time, we never get started. If we can plant the seed then we can at least step back and feel some sort of progress has been made.


I think we all wish everything was as easy as an infomercial -- "Set it and forget it" -- but we know life is hardly ever that easy. This is just the same with the garden. If we just tossed seeds out and never did anything else to them, chances are we probably will not be able to reap a harvest. While going through the growing process, any seeds we plant have to be nurtured. Weeds will try to creep into your garden. Birds will try to eat your seed. Some seeds just will not grow because they are duds, however, this is out of your control. A lot of the times it will be a constant battle and some you will lose but some you will win. What is important is that you are caring for your crop. The more you do, the more you learn, and the better you are equipped to care for your garden. For example, I had no idea that tomatoes and egg plant can carry a disease that be harmful to other fruit such as strawberries if sown in the same soil. Chances are that if we had never started gardening I would not know this nice little tid bit.

Reaping Your Harvest

We are in the sit and wait phase on most of our crop (while cultivating of course), but we've been eating strawberries for about 2 months now! The other items are still growing, but it's been a good learning curve and nurturing going on. Every day there may be a different thing to do, but thanks to sowing the initial seeds, we have an expectation that a harvest will come. In due time, we will be eating out of the majority of the vegetables from our garden.

Now what does this have to do with anything you may ask? Try replacing the seeds you plant into the ground with the seeds of your life. Is there something you've always wanted to do but have never done it? Well the seeds are in you, you just have to plant them to get started. If you never get started on anything you wanted to do in life, you will never be able to look back at the starting line or see the finish line. There will be obstacles to hender your progress, but you have to keep pressing on until the growing cycle is finished. For me, I am now in an "Expectation" mode because I have planted first and now I see the finish line in sight. However, if I never got started, I would never have this expectation that there will be a harvest. Getting past the starting point can be a big hurdle because of life's circumstances and/or just plain excuses, but the key is to start. If you start, your expectations may drive you to a harvest time.

Be blessed folks and have a good one.


Antoine E. Hall

"It is God who arms me with strength and makes my way perfect." - 2 Samuel 22:33

* Seed Image Courtesy of WikiMedia Commons

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